0 7 . 3 1 . 1 4 // architectural eye candy: "enfilade"

have you ever heard of an "efilade"?  given the fact i was too busy daydreaming during class lectures... i had no clue what it was until now.  

it is pure majestic, infinite, beauty.  in enfilade is when a suite of rooms line up with each other.  door after door, the entrances to these rooms connect.  this was super common in european architecture and you have probably seen this in a museum before.  

i won't go into facts about why this is great architecturally for buildings with large people... because this is not a history lesson :) i simply wanted to share this because in bye eyes an "efilade" is 2 words... heart. stopping. 


0 7 . 2 5 . 1 3 // target, todrick hall and twerking? say what!

photo cred collin erie for target

photo cred collin erie for target

Well, that was a wild ride! Minus the time Todrick Hall tried (key word: tried) to stress me out, it was all fun and games! I mean, does he not know I used to make over homes on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where we had like 5 seconds! I have done hundreds of these television makeovers in my career, but this was one of the most interesting! I honestly think I laughed the entire shoot. Frankly put, this experience was a blast! I was able to take a break from the stressfulness of my design company, get to run around surprising students, and even better, feel like a kid again :) What's better than that?

For nearly 10 years I have been working amongst lights and cameras, but being in front of them was completely different! It was nerve wrecking to say the least. Not to mention, when was the last time someone told you "congratulations on your face!" yup! on camera.... in front of everyone!?!?! Well, that is exactly what Todrick said to me when we met up with the students. Talk about the most random, awkward, most awesome compliment ever! Ha! Made my mom proud, I can tell you that much.

Here are all 4 episodes from this wild ride of Targe'ts #BestYearEver makeover w/ Mr.Todrick Hall! 


BYE Episode 1 of 4: Two Roommaters, No Rhythm

BYE Episode 2 of 4: HOT MESS 

BYE Episode 3 of 4: Tape. And Twerk.

BYE Episode 4 of 4: Room Reveal: Ballin' on a Budget 


Now 3 more fun makeovers to go with 3 more awesome YouTube influencers!


0 7 . 2 3 . 1 4 // 8 libraries that make you daydream

i have an addiction to books.  i don't read as much as i would like to.  i love bright and modern spaces.... and i love moody, old world spaces.  it must be the old soul in me.

these libraries make me daydream, plan, get inspired, want to work harder and all of the above!!

anyone else immediately get these feelings when they see libraries like these?!!? 

all image via designhunterLA's pinterest